Spirit Division

by Spirit Division

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"What ultimately unites the material is the strong sense of purpose and care in the vocal arrangements."
-The Obelisk

"Heavy on the blues, there is a lot of melodic singing to enjoy with just the right amount of psychedelic doom, stopping just short of sounding occult."
-Doomed and Stoned

"Heavy, doomy, grungy and bluesy while teetering a bit on the sludgy side"
-The Evil Engineer


released April 28, 2015

Recorded October to December 2014 at the Music Garage in Indianapolis, Indiana
Produced, engineered, and mastered by Chris Wodock
Mixed by Chris Wodock and Spirit Division
Album artwork by Sarah LaBarge

Chris Latta: Bass, Vocals
Stephen Hoffman: Guitar, Vocals
David Glass: Drums, Vocals

Dedicated to Jason McCash



all rights reserved


Spirit Division Indianapolis, Indiana

Spirit Division pulls from a variety of influences under a classic doom umbrella that is sure to please fans of Danzig, Pentagram, and fellow Hoosiers The Gates of Slumber.

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Track Name: Spirit Division
Deceived by the one I love
Clothed in the centaur's stain
The blood of the misleader
Is corrupting my veins
For one side is immortal
The other cannot die
Living in endless pain
I must go to the sky

Spirit Division
The living dead
Spirit Division
Humanity shed

The sun is shining high
Below is my shadow
Stacking the piles of wood
He knows where we must go
And so I go to the top
To take my final sleep
Flames lit on the foundation
To my body they leap


Smoke rises in the air
From where I have been laid
One side under the earth
To join the other shades
The other flies above
As one of the divine
Living as one of the gods
This mortal life behind

Track Name: The Howler Leeches
Leeches in my ear
Are hungry for words
Attached to my face
They're howling unheard
Others share this fate
Or were supposed to be
They all stand watching
Leeches swallow me

Nightmares come and go
Dreading the shrill cry
Hanging by my feet
Bones only left dry
Sometimes I'm released
To futilely predict
When they will return
Madness now constricts

The others now stand watching me die
Babbling words that they deny
Shame he couldn't handle this task
Leeches still howling, see who'll ask

I have given up
Bothering to fight
Or passing it on
None will take my plight
Telling what I hear
Told to just give in
Here you'll always be
Now it's back again
Track Name: Bloodletting
Fed up drinking
Alone in my bed
Muzzled and screaming
Waking the dead
Crooked smiling
Bottles of booze
Cigarette dreaming
Singing the blues

Burn out midnight
Aimless with thought
Pay for your vices
And hang on your cross
Pleading for traces
Of innocence lost
Denying the faces
Believe in the cost

Sweet spirits drag me down
Beneath the ground
Sweet spirits drag me down
Funeral mound
Sweet spirits bring me down
Lost but not found
Sweet spirits drag me down
Beneath the ground

Face down in silent
Years of remorse
Veins thick with sewage
Running its course
Surviving is lying
Through bloodletting teeth
Ignorance seeping
Venereal belief
Track Name: Through the Rounds
Tell me where you've been
Tell me where you go
Tell me about the scars
That you refuse to show
I've seen you shed your skin
Putting on the pounds
Slipping through the bars
Going through the rounds

Oh, can you tell me girl
Why are you treating me this way
Oh, can you tell me girl
Why do I even stay

Tell me about the sin
The rivers leaves and snow
Chasing all the stars
The hookers and the blow
Do you think you'll win
Wherever you're bound
Step in the wrong car
You'll find you've been found


You know what you're in
No longer in tow
It seems so bizarre
To reap what you sow
The next of your kin
Will not make a sound
Guided by Mars
You're pulled into the ground

Track Name: Cloud of Souls
Friends will always be there
I question what he said
For though they may still care
All mine are so widespread
And contrary to his belief
Even true friends come and go
There's no room for relief
In the garden fate may grow, yeah

Nothing lasts forever
At least that's what I've learned
But in this great endeavor
Even true friends may return
But more often they will not
At least not in our form
They come in lessons taught
As you face another swarm, yeah

Once again I'm climbing back
Into the Cloud of Souls
Wondering just what I lack
That makes me half of whole
I remember I once vowed
To stop being so cold
But when I was in the Cloud
Forgot what I had told

Friends are here to stay
It's you that comes and goes
There's no room left to say
Just when the wind will blow
But one day you will be found
I won't call off the chase
Maybe one more time around
I'll find what I misplaced, yeah
Track Name: Mountain of Lies
You are only visible
When you're in someone's way
Oh, believe what you are told
Every dog will have its day
No angel will ever appear
When you want out of the role
Not even the Devil is here
Wanting to take your soul

Answer questions they may ask
With a calm "everything's fine"
It is a comfortable mask
And nobody's fault but mine
Though the words bring alibis
And some may be smiled away
But a look envelopes the eyes
Begging them to please stay

Though my angel won't appear
I still have one friend
He's the one who keeps me here
When it seems I cannot mend
Apathy his spoken name
And the one that I must call
Though he is the one who'll claim
Of putting up my wall

Count no man happy til he's dead
When he is free of pain at least
Up the Mountain of Lies you tread
Oh, see how they fall so fast
Track Name: Red Sky
Soaring through the Red Sky
Watching the clouds pass by
Gunfire I might die
Friends drop bombs they don't ask why

Foes scream and cry as they fall
It'll be the fate of us all
I don't want the Reaper's call
Spare me an order too tall

Fire and death rage below
Piles of bodies friend and foe
What is this I do not know
Man's wickedness is quite a show
Track Name: Disillusioned
Kvasir's blood runs down my throat
And I have caught on to a tune
The drink I took from the Sisters' well
Solved not the secret of the runes
Commandments that I have displayed
Were not words of my own
Forged by the gods in their glory
And I was sent to get the stones

Can you believe in a religion
That's disgraced by its own god
Can you still be proud of your home
After seeing life abroad
Can you still be a leader
If no one will follow you
Take a turn and blaze a trail
And hope the flames won't swallow you

Disillusioned by the world I see
Another way there has to be
All that matters within your time
Is what you manage to leave behind

How do I be true to myself
If I don't know who I am
Only fools have no doubts
Every sheep was a lamb
How do I true to myself
If I don't know what I am
Only fools have no doubts
Every sheep was once a lamb

So many things that I could do
So why only just pick one
And when they come into conflict
What shall I keep what shall I shun
What if everyone you knew
Turned out to be lying to you
Do you really know what they're thinking
And if their words are really true